Bo-El Gordon Groothedde Signature Model Reviews 5

The guitar was specially made for studio musicians. It had to have: - good attack (which it has) - long sustain (vibratos truly never fade) - broad sound (the guitar is suited for blues, rock, metal, jazz, classical) Besides the great sound the guitar also looks stunning. Very classic, beautiful wood, nice curves. Nice details are that the strings go through the body, much like that Papa Roach guitar(what's the name again??) and the inlays are pearl instead of the plastic kind. I can go on forever but this will have to do....

I have tried the guitar on quite a lot of amps and the only thing I don't like about the guitar is this: You really need to have an expensive amplifier to give this guitar what it deserves.

The guitar is handmade and can be customized to your liking. Piezzo bridge, different wood you name it, there are no limits as long as it is an Bo-El. The Bo-El pickups are handwound. The Wood is extremely well selected. The Self-locking nuts make string slip impossible. The (22) frets are pretty high, but make it very easy to play. The neck is glued to the small body. The body itself is very small. This makes the guitar look very slender and technical. This was actually done relief strain form your shoulder and wrist of you frethand. The finish is very well done, but can also be changed.

You can make the guitar as expensive as you want, but even for the model I play this guitar is more than worth the money. This guitar can easily compete with a Gibson or PRS, but is much better priced and wins on quality. Nothing is better than a handmade guitar.

Robbert rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-10.

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