Boucher Dudswell Reviews 5

The sound, the balance between bass and treble. The bass is particularly raffined. The playability and the sound... again! This guitare is hand made. I visited the luthiers shop. Every guitare is made by one of the Boucher brothers. They have near 40 years of experience in crafting guitars.

The dealer didn't have a cuteway in stock and it have taken 3 months before getting one.

The construction is impeccable. By far the best construction of all 5 guitars on my short list. Adirondack red spruce top and Indian Rosewood body. Rosette and fingerboard dot in abalone. Vintage high glass body finish. This is a piece of art.

For the price this is by far the best value. You can't find a better guitar!

John Desmarais rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-24.

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