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Found at the now defunct Mars Music. I had a Roland GR-33 & stick-on pickup & wanted a Synth Guitar because of the superior tracking with the Hex/bridge PUs. It was $1200 w/o a case.

The looks of the guitar were spellbinding- the maple top is highly figured flame maple/quilted. The design is impressive- it's very comfortable to play standing or sitting. The midi tracking is quite good. The neck is like a PRS wide but fast.

The 13 pin midi connector was bad & it had to go to the mfg for repair. However, Mars gave me a loaner till it came back a month later. I still love the guitar.

Except for the one defect, the quality is perfect.

This guitar was just what I needed. I considered the 'stripped down model' - no Spertzel tuners or Duncan PU's but decided to splurge & go with the best. If all you need is a good midi guitar, & use another one for pure guitar output, then the cheaper model should work well too. The Fender midi didn't impress me at all. Pay the extra money or use a stick on midi PU. If mounted properly they work well. I don't get any complaints when I use this guitar- looks or sound wise.

RockingChristian rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-16.

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