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I went to the Rockville Guitar Center to look at the Telecasters and saw the Brian Moore i8.13 on the used rack. After playing it for a while (and trying to figure out all the electronics on it) I knew it was leaving with me. The list price new is about $1495 and I think it was a steal at $499.

The guitar is a joy to play. The action is wonderfully fast (I understand that Guitar Center may have set up the action on it before they put it out on the used rack). The 2+4 Sperzel tuners keep this guitar in tune better than any I've owned. The Seymour Duncan mag pickups are very 'live' and the guitar seems to have endless sustain. The guitar has a fixed bridge with a piezo/hex synth pickup that took a bit to get used to. The volume and tone controls offer a great deal of range. And I love the location of the output jack and strap button. I haven't had a chance to plug it into a Roland synth and try out all of those features yet, but I'm sure that I will as this guitar is certainly part of my permanent collection.

There's not much to dislike about this guitar.

The guitar was in excellent condition with a beautiful transparent red finish on a highly figured maple topover a mahogany body. The body is beautifully contoured and neck features sculpted headstock giving this guitar a distinctive appearance. As can be seen in the above description - the hardware is all top quality as is the workmanship.

This is the first Brian Moore that I've owned. The i8.13 is part of Brian Moore's lower cost model series. If the production series is this good - I can't imagine what the custom shop pieces that they're so well known for must be like.

MSW_x2000 rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-25.

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