Brice HXB 406 6-String Reviews 5

I "stole" this bass from Rondo Music for $279. I found out about them on Ebay and then I went straight to the site and looked it up and bought it.

This bass is incredible. You will never beat this 6 stringer for the price. The active electronics let you go from low and dark to very bright. Thats with the strings that come with it! All I had to adjust was the c-string and b-string height and the bass sounded great. Looks beautiful also. Mine is the alder bodied one with the Quilted maple top. It is listed as black but it is a lot more like charcoal. Flawless looking. 24 frets, two humbuckers, push/pull button to save battery power. Great features.

I really dont know of anything I dont like about it. Nothing has gone wrong or messed up yet so it has been pretty much great.

Great construction. Nice action out of box. Nothing has came loose or fallen off. I have played it for 1 month now.

Great buy, nothing better for probably under $800. I strum, slap, pop, and play finger-style and all sound great through this amazing bass.I don't know why everyone who wants a 6 stringer doesn't buy this one unless they have money to burn.

Brandon rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-16.

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