Brice HXB 406 Six String Lefty Fretless Reviews 5

Well let me say this much I have around 25 yrs. of fretless Bass experience playing and buying has well has selling personnel instruments!

Like any other cautious buyer I also researched the Basses, and seller site, at Rondo music through EBay! I paid no more than 230.00 which included shipping

after five nail biting days waiting, because internet shopping scares me, I received this Bass at my back dr. all while my Mutt wanted to bite the UPS driver, a swift kick to the butt stopped this (sorry driver)no just kiddin, the Bass was unwrapped in all it's glory and inspected to find it "Perfect! no crap, a Korean made instrument at that kinda reminds me of the days when we'd shun off Japanese cars.

Would have liked a Purpleheart fingerboard, and tapewound strings and Bartoloni PU's Hey a guy can dream can't He!

Has advertised the Bass is 35"scale, I like that, has an stained Alder wood body and wings, real Bubunga top and sides, and well has matching headstock, this wood seems dense and always looks kinda semi-gloss, but is very dark and lovely, the neck was perfect and straight, hey it has an dual truss rod system, and thick brass nut! not cheap plastic, the body is also string through with active electronics, and a very sweet heavy custom style bridge, if I sold this Bass it would go for 800.00 easy, too bad we have jerks who always try to berate non American made Basses, and if you ask me Fender is not at the Top, check out Warrior, Minneweather,and others for real super quality but for this class, in my book this Brice Bass is mighty nice! Oh around 8pounds so get up off the couch and do a few pushups every now and then!

Buy this Bass guitar, I must say I'd also like an Kawai alembic copy, but can't find or afford one! they also have a cool red five peice neck through Bass if I had the bread I'd buy it and send you a review on it has well! I'd love to do this for a livin. Well gotta go, I drive Truck fer a livin see: 10-4 Bigrick out!!!

Reasons to buy a Brice Bass, just you read this! rated this unit 5 on 2008-03-05.

Started playing in Chi-town, grew up several blocks from Mr. Bobby Blue Bland, my personnel sound has been a mix of influences, started with some Rock back in the Seventies, moved to Jazz styles, and now primarly Christian Contemp, and or Jazz and old school R&B.

Can't afford a high end Bass even though I know some of the best builders around, but I sensed a level of quality even in a Bass under 500bucks you dig! I did a lot of review, and finally ordered online through Kurt at ebay, I wanted a sweet similar Roscoe but hey only Cats like Andrew Gouche can afford em!lol

Very nice design, from headstock, to string through body, always been an exotic wood guy, & this has most of what I want and a price I could'nt refuse.

would like a five peice neck with purpleheart,but hey, there already givin em away practically so cant be too choosey!

For the price excellent! could use some tapewound stings or exlairs!

If your a Bass player who plays when He or She can, that is gotta day job! well this is a good buy indeed, and hey if your like me and have gone through has many Basses has cars even the old ball n chain won't complain when She see's the bill!

Bigrick still on the scene baby! wit da bad to the bone Bubungga Boxer! rated this unit 5 on 2008-02-20.

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