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I have been playing for over 30 years in various bands, and due to a prolonged neck injury I was looking for a bass that wasn't like a boat anchor around my neck, and found the Brice 405. I play mainly classic rock and some pop.

I purchased my Brice 405 at Rondo Music for $289, and got the deluxe case with it. When I recieved the guitar it did need some new strings, so I replaced the stock ones with D'Adarrio Pro Steels, and shimmed the pickups so I could get them to the height I like. What a difference those two changes have made in sound and performance.

The bass has all the features I was looking for in a bass. Weight is a major positive feature at only 8.5 lbs. The neck and frets feel smooth, unlike most other inexpensive guitars. The six bolt neck along with the string through body gives the bass good sustain and intonation. The active electronics really make this baby boom, and with the quick change battery compartment it expadites the process.

The stock strings are the only down side to this guitar.

For under $300 the build quality of this guitar is unmatched. You would have to spend double the money for something of equal qaulity elsewhere.

This guitar is great for anyone wanting a versatile lightweight axe. Don't let the price fool you, it worth the money and more.

Macman rated this unit 4 on 2011-05-16.

Rondomusic in Union N.J. is where I got this incredible bass. It almost sounds like a Ken Smith. The super twang in the sound is straight up incredible. I paid $200.00 dollars for this bad--- bass

I love the looks of the instrument, definitly the sound. I love everything about this bass. The size of the neck, The weight of the bass, how the neck feels in the palm of my hands. Most of all the price.

I don't like that I passed these basses up when I went to Rondomusic for the very 1st time.

To me the bass is well built. It kind of looks like a ESP bass. It's a slim line dual cutaway solid Alder body. Highly figured Quilted strung through body maple neck rosewood fretboard 24 jumbo fret abolone position markers all black die-cast hardware 35" scale badd A-- bass guitar for the cash.

I put this bass through a SWR SM-900 head with a Bag End 4x10 D cabinet. The bass came to life. Wait, before anyone say,"Oh look what he's coming through." That unit is my brother's rig. I brought the bass home and put it through my rig. A Behringer BX3000T, a Hartke VX 215 cab and the sound was even better than the Bag End Rig. Trust me when I Tell YOU!!!! The bass is the truth. If you see one please by all means add this to your collection. You'll play it first. All the time.

Coop rated this unit 5 on 2005-08-25.

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