Brice V2 6 String Fretless Reviews 4

$200 and 25 shipping. Super cheap !!!

2 active pickups, great tone, can go from twangy to boomy in a second. Sturdy construction, beautifull gold hardware, even the screws. Came with alan wrenches for adjustment for the bridge and rod.

Strings were garbage. They were flatwound but very rough. Went with D'addario 1/2 wounds and fixed that problem. Only gripe with construction ebony neck seems like its just cut off.

great, very durable. Been 2 months and not a sign of weekness. gold hardware and pots, screws and plug. best bang for the buck ever, I payed $30 more for this one then i did for my affinity p-bass and the difference is night and day.

Buy it, buy 2, so you have a fretless and a fretted.

Tim Martin rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-05.

I found out about this bass at one of the Ebay auctions. At first I was just browsing around for a five-string fretless bass, and one of their bids caught me. I said to myself, "Hey! that bass is really neat." I quickly hit the search engines to find out a dealer and found Rondo Music, which is only 40 miles or so from my house, by the way I am 13. I scrounged around the site until I found the five string fretless I was looking for, $159! But then it struck me, I saw the mother of all buys: A 6-string fretless bass for $269!! I was sold for that bass. I decided since I would eventually buy a sixer and need to go back for lessons I figured what the hell, I'm going back for lessons soon, so why not bring the sixer with me. So after a day or two, I asked my mother to place the order with my money, and lo and behold, two days later it arrived!

I was so eager when this bass arrived UPS shipping. I greedily took the bass back into my room, but then I had to run back down stairs to grab the allen wrenches because the strings were too close to the fretboard. After I adjusted that, I quickly tried some of my simple licks, and they sounded beautiful and in tune! Off-topic for a second; you know that one bad review of the fretless Brice bass is right here? You want to know why it sounds like crap? It's because you need to learn how to play a fretless. They are completely different than a fretted. The notes are played where the frets would be on the bass. Say you wanted to hit the fifth fret, don't remember the note, on the B string, well you would have to play exactly where the fret would be on the fretboard for it be in tune or else it does sound like crap. Back on topic. After my simple licks, I tried something harder; Higher Ground by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then something even harder; My Name is Mud. My God, was that a fun time trying to play. This bass is so awesome! Back to the other things I like about this bass. Although the neck is huge, I can almost get my hand around it at the 16th fret, it is easy to navigate. This bass is also lightweight, roughly 12 pounds, so it is easy when it comes to playing standing up or carrying around. Although I don't care much for the active preamp built in, I must admit, gives you nice tones; two volume, bass/treble, and an equalizer. What else? THE QUILTED MAPLE TOP!! It's so beautiful! It's to die for in person. But then after a few days, with the roundwound strings still on, I notice slight scratch marks on the fretboard. I had placed an order for flatwounds last week, and am hoping to get them soon.

My only gripe about this bass is that on the string through body, the nuts only go up so far. To make sure the strings are up high enough away from the fretboard, you need to adjust the nuts as far up as they can go. Other than that, nothing is wrong.

I would definately recommend this bass to anyone wanting to try out a fretless and/or a sixer without the fear of spending too much and/or the fear of quality. This bass gives you both a great price and a great sound. Believe me, this bass sounds awesome, even with the so-called crappy factory strings. This bass is just wonderful. Ever since I had picked it up, it was like it was made for me. For the most part, I can never lose my place on the fretboard, and I can almost make the notes out on my own without tablature. So far, with this bass with me or without me at the time, I can figure out what tablature is correct and which is not. It's amazing. Note: This bass won't make you amazing, in my case it just gave me an up on my hearing. I can definately pick out the notes better on songs by focusing in on the bass. Last thing I have to say: first thing to do before this arrives is get flatwounds ready for when you get the bass because the roundwounds are going to scratch the rosewood in a matter of hours.

Brian DeGennaro rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-26.

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