Brice V2 6 String Fretless Bass Reviews 5

oK I had to have a 6 string because the only other thing I could afford was a 5 string or a 4 string but I am prejudice against 5 strings because every bassist plays them (I already own a 4)I want to be different and I have been listening to PRIMUS for several years and I knew that Les Claypool used a fretless six string. After listening to the songs played with a fretless 6 string I slowly became more and more interested in owning one of my own. I placed an order for a Trans Black Dean edge 6 string fretless from (Never order from Guitarasylum) but a week after I placed the order they called and told me that they did not have any in stock nor did they have any 6 string basses in stock under $500 so I said nevermind. One day my brother introduced me to a web site called and he showed me some sweet 6 string fretless basses for like $256.00. After I crapped my pants I couldn't help but order one. Three days later I recieved a quilted red V2 brice 6 string fretless that supprised the hell out of me.

When I recieved the bass everything was as it should have been.It was in tune ,beautiful, and sounded great.

The only thing I did not like about this bass was that the strings where to close to the fretboard so you have to adjust the nut nearly as high as it will go for it to be playable but its fixable so thats not really a problem.

red solid agathis body,Canadian maple bolt on 2 trus-rod adjustable neck with no inlays just the dots on the side, Rosewood fretboard, 2 ACTIVE humbucker pickups, and die cast gold hardware (bridge, knobs, tuners, strap buttons, neck bolts). I can only describe the quality in one word !!Bitchin!!

I am 18 and have been playing bass for pretty much my whole life so I feel like I have some experience on this bass stuff.When I got the bass and looked at it I thought it was a great bass but I didn't think the pickups would be that great and I had contemplated replacing them with EMG's or something(this before I plugged it up to an amp).I plugged it up and played it to check the pickups and I imediatly slapped myself repeatedly for thinking about changing pickups. Once I accidentaly left the bass in my van outside while it was cold for a week(car trouble I had been busy and forgot) and when I realized it was in there I got it out, took it into my room to retune it but it was still in tune!! All I could say was WHOLE LEE CRAP!! I have learned a great deal of primus songs since I bought this bass like Jerry was a race car driver, My name is mud,DMV,Hamburger Train,and I have perfected Tommy the cat, anyone who knows anything about bass is aware that PRIMUS bass is complicated.

Jesse Moore rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-10.

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