Brice V2 Six String Bass Reviews 5

I ran around Rondo Music on Ebay and found this bass for a great price, $200.00. I was wanting to try a 6 string. I've been playing for 15 years and this is one of the nicest basses I've played.

The green quilt top has to be seen to be believed! It's beautiful!. The action of the bass is excellent as well and all I had to do was make a minor adjustment to the neck. It features 2 active humbuckers and a nice, straight as an arrow, maple neck. Also, the hardware on this is all gold and the tuners are excellent: smooth when winding yet it stays in great tune even after the rigors of a few hours of slap bass playing! And not to mention the pickups, sure they're cheaper, but they sound great and I'm not going to upgrade them.. there's simply no need to.

Nothing really. It's everything I need right now and more than I was expecting.

I"m surprized by the construction.. it's solid! The body is Agathis and the neck is maple with a nice fast, rosewood fretboard. It is a bit heavy and I like that because it adds to the deep tone that this has. It's bright and punchy as well! Very well put together. No need for a back up bass. This is a gigging bass for sure.

I can't say enough about this bass! I can hardly put it down. I bought it for $222.00 including shipping and for a six string bass with this quality, it's onheard of. I highly recommend this bass to anyone looking for an insanely beautiful bass packed with great features.

Rod M rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-17.

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