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I play classic rock and have been trying to take it to the next level, I've played on and off since 1977 but really got serious again in 2001. "thanks Keith" I play in a garage band every friday night and we invite different players to participate "they are really great musicians and teach me alot" led zep/bob segar/the cars/yes/the rockets ect.

I purchased the studio 55 in lombard Ill. at Sam Ash in Oct. 2001 I had been working in Chicago and seen the guitar on display for several months and kept picking it up every time I entered the store when I left in Oct. I offered them 100.00 they sold it to me for $129.00 A great deal!

I like the 24 fret neck that feels like a Prs neck plus the cloud inlays really set it apart, it is very light weight and is very easy to get pinch harmonics from.

this guitar had a 3 way switch that would not stay in position so I replaced it. I found out that I could fix the old switch and I did I also tightened the cord plug and put on some good strings "dean markleys #9" I also had to adjust the string height but I do that to every guitar I purchase, not really a problem or complaint. The routered holes for the pickups are a little oversized but its only a $129.00 guitar!!!!

This guitar has a flamed honey colored top with a beatiful cream binding the body appears to be mahogany but is not, it is way too light to be solid mahogany "maybe bobinka wood from africa???" This guitar plays great, sounds great and has all my friends asking where to buy one. I described the routered holes and must admit that the solder joints are not the greatest on the electronics but it works fine and I touched them up anyways. A little time on this guitar really makes it special....

These guitars are very hard to find, since 2001 I've only seen 1 for sale on ebay. I think they might be brownsvilles first U.S. guitar. This guitar needed a little tweaking but it really paid off, she screams is comfortable to play and is very unique, it aint no fender it aint no ibanez shes a brownsville and I think I got a great instrument for $129.00!!!!

rayjayk1 rated this unit 5 on 2007-11-27.

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