Burns Double Six Reviews 4

The sound from the Tri-Sonic pickups is great. I always use quite alot of compression (from a pedal), and, of coarse, a good amount of reverb. This is how you get the classic 60s electric 12 string sound. The string spacing and wider neck is much easier to use than the more well known Rickenbacker 12 string, and the string configuration (higher octave string on top, like an acoustic 12 string) is better, creating a more distinctive sound. I like the rather lurid "greenburst" too, and the big horns!

It is quite a heavy guitar, but you do get used to it, and the balance is good, as oppossed to a Les Paul. The Gotoh bridge is a definite improvement on the original 60s bar bridges, but if you want 100% accurate intonation, you need 12 separate saddles. However, ALL 12 string guitars sound better if there is an everso slight flatening in one of the strings in each of the octave pairs. And also in the unison B and high E dtrings. So it depends on what you want. In my view, the perfection is in the imperfection! The strings could be a little bit lower in the nut for easier playing down that end of the guitar.

Quality is robust and sturdy. I'm not too keen on bolt on necks. but it seems to be keeping in place. As I said in the last box, the strings could be a tiny bit lower in the nut.

Marvin B. Naylor rated this unit 4 on 2008-02-24.

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