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I have a degree in music..I've been playin gthe guitar since 1971.I just sold a Martin so I know what a good guitar sounds like.LOL I bought the cdg27cebk Carlo Robelli as a practice guitar fo rmy son..He never learned how to play.The guitar sounded and played sick, until I put a set of Adario strings on it and lowered the saddle.WOW! what a diffence.It does have a decent full tone with no buzzes.I have no problem playing fast bluegrass on it.If you lack the funds for a quality guitar.I would reccomend it.I can make it sound pretty good. Chuck

I bought it from a pawn shop for 125.00.I was lookng for one for my son.

i like it becasue it's cheap , straight neck, full tone with no buzzes . It also stays in tune.I can play it hard or soft and stillstays in tune..nice treble.It can also be played electric..Also..super tough finish.

For the price not much..I wished it had a deeper low end sound..

Built like a tank..very durable.The saddle however is just a straight piece of plastic..eventually I'll put a bone one in..

For the cash...can't go wrong..Medium light strings work great for me..It's very durble. Stays in tune and sounds close ot my Martin except for th emissing soft Martin lows..the highend strings are just as good.That surprized me..plays very well when saddle is sanded down to 2 tight dimes under the 12th fret.

Chuck7 rated this unit 4 on 2008-02-10.

Well, I purchased my guitar as a gift from my wife.She knew I had taken some musical courses, when I was in collage. She bought it at Sam Ash about 3 moths ago.How ever, if she woulded had tell me that she wanted to buy me a guitar as a gift I wouldn't had bought it from that store. the unit has what appears to be a manufactures damage. I call-up Sam Ash and their attitude was very negative. She paid two hundred and fifty dollars.

I like the unit because, this was my first acoustic/electric guitar that I have ever owned.

The body is to big for me. I feel very uncoftable when playing.

I think that if i would have to rate the construction and quality of the unit, I would rate 6 between 0 and 10.

The guitar is a good looking guitar. How ever I feel that in order for some one to feel like playing the guitar she or he must fell conftable with it. SaM Ash never again!!.

JRS rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-05.

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