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I was in the market for a good guitar to replace the Yamaha that my friend/instructor loaned to me. One day while out at Ontario Mills mall, with the wife & kids, we stumbled across the Sam Ash Music store. My wife took off to price the open hole flutes, while I headed to the Acoustic guitars. The first ones I saw were the Carlo Robelli's, but they weren't even in the guitar room! They were out in the hallway marked "50% off" I passed them right by! There were fabulous guitars in Sam Ash, to be sure. But after checking out most of the guitars in my price range, under $200, I figured I'd have to save up for something around the $400 range for the quality of sound I was looking for. Until I gave the Carlo Robelli's a second glance. Folks these guitars sounded as good or better than any guitar I'd been looking at, and at a fraction of the cost. One model in particular stood out from the rest and I knew I had to have it, an at $80.00 it was a steal.

This guitar has a particularly warm sound. I like the solid head and the style of the guitar suites me well. it is straight forward, functional, & it sounds teriffic. It has a very good looking finish and inlaid fret markers too! Everyone I know has been very impressed with this guitar.

As this guitar was exactly what I was looking for(Basic sturdy guitar, Good sound) there isn't anything I do not like about this guitar.

Solid, nothing fancy but all the parts are very sturdy, nothing cheap. which explains the great sound!

Bottom line. Awesome guitar for beginner or intermediate. It's built very well and sounds great! Go get yourself one!

Erwin G. Myers rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-29.

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