Carlo Robelli Dreadnaught Satin W-4110 Reviews 5

After being told I would not be able to bring my electric to my Class Guitar lessons, I was forced to buy an acoustic. Not knowing much about acoustics, I wanted to buy new instead of used. I went to Sam Ash where I tried a few Yamaha models, but felt uncomfortable with their size. The clerk brought out this Carlo Robelli and started to play and I about fell out of the chair when I heard how amazing it sounded compared to the Yamahas. It was considerbly less expensive as well, priced fairly at $79.99.

I am still a bit uncomfortable with the size of the unit, but it allows for the most beautiful tones of all the other acoustics I tried. It produces a very clear sound. The finish is a beautiful deep satin color.

The size is the only thing I'm not comfortable with. Every thing else is great, even my guitar teacher was impressed with it and borrows it often to show examples to the class. It's a great beginners' guitar.

Very finely crafted, does not look "cheap" at all, considering how inexpensive it is.

If you're a beginner, this is the guitar for you! Don't waste hundred of dollars more to get the same thing that you will with this Carlo Robelli. You will get a finely crafted instrument that produces a clear "true" tone. Hope you find this helpful, and hope that you're just as happy with the guitar as I am.

RobinAnne rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-11.

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