Carlo Robelli F-4034 - 3/4 Size Reviews 5

I was purchasing guitars for private school I teach at. They were bought at "Sam Ash Music Stores" in NYC for the sale price of $69.99.

I like it's playability, which was excellent and that it tunes very well. I have a Taylor 814-CE, which I paid $2400 for and the neck width or feel of the Carlo Robelli is almost the same.


Nice quality wood. Easy to play neck for beginers. Nice black finish. The intonation is very good. Nice brite, clear sound.

Overall, I needed affordable instruments for the young students that I teach, to rent and buy. These instruments were very, very comfortable, they have a nice black finish. A little brite but , easy to tune and most important, easy to play.

Moonie rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-07.

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