Carlsbro GLX150T Amp Head Reviews 5

The distortion channel is probably the best I've heard on a transistor amp, with a round bottom end and firm mids and a smooth valve like performance.It is also extremely high gain (ideal for all kinds of metal) and has a five band active EQ.The clean channel is ideal for running a multi effects box through and the master section has 2 footswitchable volumes.At 150 watts it's also as loud as you'll ever need.

The clean channel can sound a little flat without effects and only the guitar plugged in to and the crunch sound is a bit weak.

Mine is the special edition model which means that its covered in a dark red vinyl which although sounds odd to my eyes looks better than the standard black and makes the amp look all the more distinctive.Construction is solid enough with tough plastic corner covers to protect it from any knocks while being carried about.

Kip Tallahassee rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-03.

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