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Mine is a Transparent black finish,25.5 scale,D'Addarrio 10 strings,Chrome hardware,Fulcrum bridge,HSS pickups,1 vol,1 tone,5-way switch,Basically a Super Strat.Play a little of everything-Rock,Blues,Christian,Etc.Been playing 3 years,Pracice with my co-worker who has a band and as an at home hobbyist.I am an old school metalhead that grew up playing drums and since my Alcohlisim/Addiction recovery have taken a liking to guitar playing.

I bought this guit from Levi on Ebay along with an IG10 model I also bought.Paid $350 shipped.I acquired it to try a high end Carlson and am NOT disappointed.

This is 1 of there Pro series guitars and it is Awesome!!!This model is there only high end pro that does not come with a Floyd Rose tremelo.Setup as received was spot on medium low,Just like I like it, Without fret buzz.Neck is slim,But NOT to thin.This axe reminds me of an Ibanez,But better craftsmanship and feels solid due to the solid Ash body.Body is contoured front and back making it thin and not to heavy,Just feels right.Great resonance and sustain through my amps and acoustically.I own 3 Carlsons as of now-IG10 strat copy,This PG61 and I also bought a PG70.As stated in my other reviews I love these guitars!!!Awesome in every way!!!Moving up to the Intermediate and Professional models was WAY worth the extra money I paid.Nothing wrong with there Economy models,But the parts on the higher grade ones are much better(Tuners,Hardware,Pickups).Very comfortable and easy to play.

Nothing Negative!!!There are just RIGHT as they come.Only improvement would be maybe locking tuners for ease of string changes.

Quality,Fit,Finish,and Feel are GREAT!! American quality through and through!!! Guitar feels ROCK solid!!Tuners hold tune,Hardware solid,Frets smooth and nice as always with Carlsons.Tight neck pocket,Nice Trans-Black finish seems like it will hold up just fine.

Carlsons are AWESOME!!Contacy Levi at the address listed and buy one to see for yourself.I am Extremely happy with mine!!!!

skidoo90 rated this unit 4 on 2011-08-25.

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