Carlson PG70TR Reviews 5

i got it of of ebay. i got it because the guy who is on the worship team has one and it sounds awsome. it is originally 850 dollars but i got mine for 237. i looked for one for months and i finnally found one.

it sounds awsome. i love the quality and contruction of the guitar. you can play any kind of music on it. i love the sustain. it has pretty much all of the features you can name such as: licenced floyd rose tailpiece with locks, set neck, 1 volume and 1 tone knob, 5 way switch, 22 frets, quilted maple neck, basswood body, double cutaway, thin body, H/S/H, and more. i play metal and harcore on this and it sounds awsome for that style.


it really couldnt be better. i listed all of the features in what i like about the guitar.

i would gig with this anytime. i love everything about this guitar. i couldnt ask for more in a guitar. pretty much anybody woul be happy with this great piece of gear.

Jesus Freak rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-22.

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