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Mine is a Transparent black finish that you can see the wood grain through(Solid Royal Paulonia).It is 25.5 scale,Has D'Addario 10-46 strings.3-single coil pickups(Ceramic,Hot)Setup out of the box was GREAT!Frets dressed,Neck shape is perfect for my size hands, Like a C shape,Not to thin or thick,JUST RIGHT.Flat radius makes it very easy and comfortable to play.Hardware on this is economy(Cheap)But works and does its job just fine.This thing is light but resonates awesome and stays in tune better then my American Fender Strat..Little hum from the single coils but no worse then a fender has.I have played it through multiple amps including,Crate GTD 212,Fender FM 212,Vox Cambridge Twin,Vox VT30,And my new Fender Mustang III amp.The finish seems a little thin and would dent easily,But so does Nitrocellulose,Probably why it resonates so well.If your looking for a great beginners guitar or Players that will hold up,This is it.I am just a home hobbyist player and have had this for 2 years now without a problem.They do come with a 5 year factory warranty that Im sure will never be used.I got mine off Ebay from a GREAT guy named Levi.His address to buy one is love these Carlsons so much that I just bought 2 more from him The next step up IG10(Intermediate)fat strat and the PG61 Pro Grade.If they are half of what there cheap versions are I am going to be 1 Happy Camper!!!!!!

Bought from is the BEST dealer that carrys Carlson and the ONLY dealer I will buy from.He goes above and beyond to satisfy us guitar players.

I love all things about it.Comfort,Looks,Sound,Weight,Price and That its Made in U.S.A. Clackamas Oregon.

Tuners could be upgraded for smoother ones and pickguard is handcut and not the sharpest looking,But for $200 with a case you can't go wrong.The positives far outweigh the negatives.The tuners work and hold fine and the pickguard does its job too.

Construction,Quality,Fit,Finish,Feel-ALL Great!!!!!!

For the cost and what you get this is ONE Heck of a Guitar.I love the brand and now own 3 oof them.2 I just bought today and will review them later after I get some playing time on them.

skidoo1969 rated this unit 5 on 2011-07-08.

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