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Color is Blue Transparent,25.5 scale,D'Addario 10-46 strings,Been playing 3 years now,With a buddy of mine who has a band and as a Home hobbyist for fun.Started playing 6 months into my recovery of Alcohol/Drugs.Playing keeps my mind,hands,eyes and body busy(Great therapy!!).Have been clean and sober for 3 years on the 28th of June.Am looking forward to joining my Church band soon.Play a little of everything,Alternative,Rock,Christian rock,Country,Etc.

I aquired it throgh a guy named Levi on Ebay,Or you can go directley through him at the link provided.Paid $180 shipped.Have owned and played now for a couple weeks.

This is Carlsons entry version Telecaster style guitar,Same wood as the SG1(Royal Paulonia) and same Neck(Maple) shape with the tele style small headstock.Thick Rosewood fretboard with smooth frets.Have had positive experience with the SG1 for 2 years and now the SG3 I own also seems just as well built and Plays GREAT!!For a Beginners or Players guitar,Setup as usual form Levi is Top notch.But with the costs of this, It does have the cheaper hardware as in,Tuners(Economy),Tele style bridge,Saddles,Handcut pickguard.But they STILL FUNCTION as they should.Tuners hold and it does stay in tune.Pickups are hot and do sound good.I'm thinking I like this even better then my SG1 strat.For the money and quality you get,Its a no brainer.Also is Made in U.S.A. Which makes this an even bigger plus!!!!

Tuners could be smoother,Pickguard would look GREAT with a Pearloid instead of plain white.But would be CHEAP to upgrade both and still not be in Fender $$$$$.

Quality,Fit,Finish and Feel to me is GREAT,Just like on my SG1.The only difference is SG1 is Strat,SG3 is a Tele copy.Pickups are decent,Bridge hot and spanky,Middle sounds really smooth and Neck is warm and smooth.For the price of a squier,This-To me is 3 times the guitar.You need to play one to actually LOVE them.Light,Resonant,Stays in tune,Sounds GREAT!!I love it!!

Carlsons are a guitar in a league of there own.I love mine!!! Have guitars worth 4 times what I paid for this in my stable-Fender American and Japanese and Gibson.But this is my go to guitar when I play.Cant say enough good things about em.For the money and being Made in U.S.A. You can't get better.

skidoo1969 rated this unit 5 on 2011-07-10.

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