Carvin Cobalt 980 12 String Reviews 5

After much research and time, I traveled around the corner from my day gig to Carvin's showroom in Poway. I have been searching for a good 12 string for over 2 years. I had previously purchased a Taylor 12 but quickly returned it as it had no bottom end or fullness to it. Too bad! I finally found a great sounding, playing and very affordable guitar in the Cobalt 980-12. I walked out the door with my new guitar (w/hard shell) for $978.73. You seriously cannot touch such a quality guitar out there for anything less than $1,500.

It has a great feel on the neck. It has a very warm, sweet clarity to it's tone. The action is "classic" Carvin. Move over Taylor. Smooth neck, and finally crafted workmanship. Adding to the sweetness of the guitar is the Fishman active electronics. There is no limit to the sound/tone you can get from this well crafted instrument. This is surely a work of art! It is inspiring to play.

Have no comments at this time. Mabye offer it in another wood shade/color. Sorry!

The overall construction of the Cobalt 980 is impeccable. From the beautiful Rosewoods used for the back and sides to the Solid Spruce top. The headstock is truly unique in its curves. Also the amount of attention that was put into the beautiful Pauma Shell binding that can be generously found binding the body and adding unique detail marking on the neck.

With the amount of importance that I put on having a fine instrument that is not only affordable (yet finding an inspiring instrument to play is priceless) but also inspiring to play, I have found it all in the Carvin Cobalt series 980-12 string. There is no guitar that I have seen or played from the Taylor,, Guild, Larivee to the Yamaha & of course Takemine, there is no guitar that can come close to matching the overall value of the Carvins!

Robert J. Wojtach rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-16.

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