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I was interested in getting a new acoustic because my first one was not getting better but I was. I at every intermidiant guitar I could find that was below $500. I saw this guitar in a guitar buyers guide mag and checked into it. I found that they are only available factory direct which cuts the price in half.

When I first received this guitar I could not help but look in awe at the beauty of it. When I bought a guitar for a total of $600 (guiar, hard case and shipping inc.)I did not expect such a beautiful guitar. I know that these are made in korea but the quality control is amazing. The next thing I noticed was the action. This guitar felt like an electric the strings were so low. Yet there was still not fret buzz. The final thing and most importantly is the sound. This guitar has a very crisp sound to it. I ususally play a martin small bodied jumbo which has good projectiong and good bass. this guitar stands up to it and at only half the price. It is still lacking a little in the low end but that is comparing it to guitars 2-3 times its price. All in all this guitars sound is one of the best I could find for this price( mind you it does list at 1100)

One problem that I had with it was the fishman pickup was a little warped so it did not snap in correctly on one side but that is not fault of carvin and it still works fine regardless.

I have already said how good it is. Great grover tunners. best action. easy playing neck. great satin finish. all in all a beautifully constructed instrument.

the only other guitars I was considering were the seagull line but I did not like the look of them. This is the best I could find for the money. It seriously stacks up againts guitars twice the price.

tremblayj rated this unit 4 on 2005-03-04.

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