Cavs DVD-202G Karaoke Player Reviews 5

Paid $400. I wanted something that would support virtually all units and fit right into my existing PA rig.

Features, features, features. This thing has DVD/VCD/SCDG/CDG/CD/CDRW/MP3 ability, play Super CD+G with Key Control, has voice cancel and reservation, direct access controls (Front Numeric Buttons), Digital Dolby AC-3 (5.1 Channels) with built-in decoder, DTS (Digital Theatre Sound) Multi-region (US, Europe, Asia, etc.) Multi-angle, Multi-subtitle, Multi-language, Zoom, etc. functions Composite, Component, and S-video outputs Progressive Scan. Karaoke Digital Key Control and Voice cancel. Dual Microphone Mixer with digital echo and independent volume (Mic 1, Mic 2) controls. I cut most of that out of the manufacturers specs, but as you can tell this thing is loaded. Plus it comes with a 450 song pack and a microphone. Did I say that already?

Nothing. Excellent unit.

First rate. This unit appears tough and sturdy and if quality can be judged on performance and features then this unit is of the highest quality as well. You won't believe the sound quality coming out of it. First rate.

I'm very pleased. I'm usually very picky but when I find something worth bragging about, I'll let you know. This player rocks in my opinion and is one of the best on the market. Way to go CAVS!

Josh Reiger rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-02.

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