Citronic PD-45 Ultima Reviews 5

The unit features a fantastic 4.5kgs of torque, spinning the platter almost instantly into motion and provides seemingly flawless scratch performance. The deck has an adjustable break and start speed, from instantaneous to around 6 seconds and it also features the usuals such as quartz lock and a +/- 10 and =/- 20 pitch range. The pitch control is stable and accurate - making beat mixes a breeze.

However despite the fantastic features, the industry standard is, and for many years will be Technics. So just be warned, whilst the PD-45's will rock in your bedroom there will be a negative transition when you make it out into the clubs, as you will actually find their Technics inferior! Another minor niggle is the looks. It is reminiscent of the old Numarks and its curved design makes it look rather futuristic, i like it, but it may not appeal to all.

The turntable weighs in well and it's absolutely solid under heavy scratching. I played a 5 minute session throwing hard flares and orbits at it and it didn't skip and the platter stayed firm. I was very impressed.

The PD-45 by Citronic may be an underdog in todays market of superior brand names, but when it comes down to it, this beast can, and will outperform the majority of its competitors out there AND for the price it is going at now, its a steal - HIGHLY recommended. The only other alternatives as i see it are the new Stanton STR8-150's however these cost substantially more and under examination only seem to offer a better name. Technics are another option but if you want superior performance and don't want to be another sheep, following the crowd, then be different and go for the fantastic Citronic PD-45's!!! Sean Diamond

Sean Diamond rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-22.

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