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Buyer beware!!! I was not impressed with 85% of the sounds in this synth. The only thing it seems to be moderately good at is bass sounds. Thank God that unison knob is there because otherwise this would be the most useless piece of crap. I had to pay $300.00 just to get rid of this POS. Want to see how Clavia does business? Educate yourselves and read on. Just like you I went online to read review after review and I eventually got convinced that I should purchase one of these synts. I also bought a Waldorf Q at the same time but the Nord Lead III showed up three weeks late thanks to Clavia. I wonít compare the Nord III to the Waldorf Q because there isnít any comparison at all other than price. If you spend the extra cash for the Q you get about 10 times the synth. I wish I had known how bad the Nord was but there was no way to hear it. The Nord III has zero effects, a lousy four octave keyboard, a worthless plastic case, and two very weak oscillators. With only two oscillators this thing sounds very thin without using that unison knob on every patch. I know your thinking ĎBut It does have than unison knob, donít it?í. Use it all you want it still doesnít excuse the fact that this synth sounds like a Target Casio tone. I had this synth for one day and I took it back because for $1999.00 I got a $600.00 synth. The Novation A station sounds better than this piece of crap and it is less than $600.00 so Iím being nice with this figure. Well, to make a long story short to return this board Clavia says I have to pay a 15% restocking fee. That makes this board cost me $2300.00 wow. I guess this is how Clavia intend to make money by selling shit which people will return and then charging them to return it. I suppose I could try and sell it in the paper or something but why should I be burdened with this product. After all it isnít my fault this board sucks. Keep in mind this board came three weeks late and it has been hell working with Clavia to get rid of it. They originally were going to chare me a 50% restocking fee! Yeah, holy shit is exactly what I said. Now Iím out $300.00, plus a month of not having second synth, and Iíve endured a month of Clavia induced pain and suffering because they have no idea what customer service is. Buyer beware,

The bass sounds were OK.

Everything other than the bass sounds.

Plastic crap.

Don't buy one they suck.

D-K rated this unit 1 on 2002-02-04.

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