Cordoba RCWE-Gipsy Kings Acoustic Electric Flamenco Reviews 5

I purchased this fine instrument at Great price ($1279.00) as they matched a competitor's price! this included the Guitar Case.

I tested this model at a local Guitar Center. The RCWE Model is the best of the best in this category because the Indian Red Wood allows a rich deep sound. The other models in the Cordoba line ( acoustic cut-out, electric ) as well as competitors, did not have the same fine sound. The other models used Laminated wood which is inferior when it comes to sound. It may make the guitar lighter, but it is best to go with Indian Red Wood for the back and sides. The Fishman Pro-Blend electronics is superior too! It is well worth it for the additional money to choose this model over the others as the Indian Red Wood and Fishman Pro-blend electronics makes a real big difference. The contrast in the Indian Red wood back and sides and the front German Spruce wood make and excellent looking combination. The sound on this guitar is First Rate. I tried every string/fret and did not find one "buzz" annoying sound on this guitar. When you think of Gipsy Kings music and how perfect their music sounds, the Cordoba RCWE model is the one to go with! The body of the guitar is thin which makes it easier to play. You can even play this guitar without an Amplifier connection and it sounds terrific! Best way to play however, is with and amplifier.

Absolutely nothing to dislike about the Cordoba RCWE acoustic electric guitar.

PERFECT. The spaniards know how to make guitars! Again, testing each fret and string, I could NOT find one flaw/"buzz" that would be unacceptable to the ear. Quality is of the highest degree.

If you want to play flamenco, classical music, you must go with this model. This is the BEST in this category.

Marco Antonio Rodriguez rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-31.

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