Cordoba 75-F Reviews 4

Paid $900 at G.C. I wanted a Flamenco style classical with lower action, loud projection, and a heavy finish to stand up to playing out. Yes, I could have gotten a laminated guitar for this, but I like to keep the amount of guitars down to a minimum. I wanted a quality made solid wood guitar, which I added a pick-up to (Fishman). The finish on this make tends to be slightly on the heavy side, and this is something I wanted. I also appreciate the "golpeador", which is what flamenco guitars call their pick guards.

The unit is made from solid woods, and has excellent construction with flawless finish. What I especially love is the sound. The solid german Spruce top combines with the solid cypress back and sides to deliver a loud, rowdy barking voice that really makes me happy. It is very well voiced for the variety of music I play. Think Gypsies, Willie Nelson, Flamenco.

The size of the tail block on th inside- looks a wee bit small. Haven't noticed any detrimental effect - and I'm used to looking inside steel-stringers.

Quality and construction are excellent. The spanish tradition really shows. I feel very secure with this guitar.

Love it. Good classical for those who lean toward steel-string tastes. It's like a happy barking seal!

rubberdog rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-27.

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