Cordoba Rafael de Cordoba 1A Reviews 5

I actually have two of these guitars, both te RIO and the India models. I acquired both of them for the same reasons: Value for the money, Sound, Ease of Play, Volume, Presence, Workmanship, and the asthetics of the instruments (If you enjoy looking at them, you will want to play them more often as they will be out of their cases. I paid $2,353 for the India and $1,600 for the Rio. Both new and both from Guitar Center. In both cases I was just visiting the store and they were there,

The tone, sustain, playability, responsiveness, presence, high quality workmanship, and high value for the money,

Honestly, there is nothing I can think of in this area. A guitar that projects, is easy (and fun) to play, that sounds great and looks even better... No Complaints.

The India model is lightly finished on the inside. Both are well constructed, light, and have readily apparent high quality of workmanship throughout with great attention to detail.

I am seriously considering obtaining the 1a Flamenco to round out the series. I believe these guitars wound hold their own with any competitor, and may surprise you even with the high cost issues.

Bruce Smith rated this unit 5 on 2005-06-19.

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