Crafter Cruiser Strat Reviews 5

when i got this guitar it came in a plastic wraping. when i got his off i foung that it get stuck behind the volume and tone knobs. The strap is a bit weak aswell but you can easily replace it.

the qaulity of this guitar i good as i said i have dropped it a few times from the strap being weak and it survived that. It has been well made comes very close to the quality of a fender, very close.

If your looking for the perfect starter guitar, then buy a crafter cruiser. And if you simply can't afford a fender or somthing like that then make sure this is your second choice. Even if you own a fender i still recomend that you should buy one of these. A perfect all round guitar. It rocks!

Unidentified Thrashing Object rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-17.

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