Crate BX80XL Reviews 5

Its too heavy! Far too heavy. But its the only sacrifice really. One more thing, so far as I can tell this is the one review for this amp out there. There is a BX40XL on this page, but no 80 watt. Crate stopped producing this line ages ago and swapped to the BFX line. Ive tried them, and they dont sound as good. (The old ones really are the best ones!)

Must be well built to survive since what? Caveman times? The tolex is coming off in places so I plan to change it to carpet some time soon.

It gets a good work out at least once a week when our band practices, and itll be there when we start gigging soon. My poractice amp is a Frontman 15B and thats a different story. Buzz and hiss galore, but thats for a different review.

Jack Elliott (Ignorance Bassist) rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-30.

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