Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire OD/Distortion Reviews 5

The pedal has a brushed metal finish, block standard stomp box shape. One toggle switch, gain, OD, and distortion knobs and a high cut knob that you can use to cut a little of the high end off when the drive is cranked (if you want to). I play mainly blues and rock.

Purchased directly from Creation Audio for just under $200. I had read some good reviews and hear some good demos online. The idea of the pedal not altering the tone of my guitar at all with its gain was ideal.

Superb clean gain. Tube-sounding overdrive. Ear friendly distortion that goes from just a little edge to fuzz.

The only con (if you want to consider it one) is it doesn't use a standard 9v adapter. However they include the 48v adapter needed, so there may be a little maneuvering on your board, but it is worth it.

Built like a dang tank! Nothing fancy or pretty about it. It's a piece of gear that does what it is supposed to do. Solid, solid, solid.

Worth every penny. I've recently purchased a POD X3 Live and will still be working this pedal into the FX loop.

TW rated this unit 5 on 2009-12-12.

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