Cycling74 Max/MSP 4.05 Reviews 4

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extremely flexible system for integrating algorithmic constructions in music production with MIDI in/out as well as full-featured DSP functions on real-time audio. Play-only reader is distributed, so you can share your patches with users who don't have the program.

Steep learning curve! Arcane challenge/response copy-protection scheme makes moving software from machine to machine a problem, especially in large installations where machines move frequently. Also, users must construct a visual representation of a patch, rather than being able to use a more portable text description.

n/a (software package)

Excellent package picked up from Opcode's demise after they were bought by Gibson. A tinkerer's dream, with more horsepower and interactivity than any available software synths.

Mike rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-01.

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