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A loop switcher control system and power supply for pedal based effects and rack effects. Bassist local shows and tours. 27years in the business. Rock to pop to jazz.

I acquired the Loop 5X switch system at Musik Messe in Frankfurt. I was attending with the music shop I teach at. Currently Loop X Systems are available $399.00 retail $449.00MSRP at their website and currently selling Japan and Germany.

I have been able to remove multiple power supplies, jumper cables, and power/audio runs on the stage. All my favorite effects stay preset and back by my bass amp. I can activate any one of the 5 effect by remote control 30meters away or more.Great with my wireless system.The built in 9V power supply has more than enough juice for 5 effects and a tuner.

A few extra power outputs would be interesting.They have the new 5Xmc which does multiple effect switching.This is only direct access to 5 effects and an a/b input and output section.

Loop 5X is solid steel chassis and footswitch. Nothing to break here, maybe dent it if you are real hard on gear. Parts are all generic so any service of any kind would be simple enough. 5 power outlets for 9V dc and angled footswitch box for ease of switching. What is interesting this is 5 loops with power supply AND a footswitch. Most loop switcher companies leave the extra expense of switching and power supply up to you.

I have found this unit to make my stage setups fast and simple. I get the same results from my effects nite after nite, and I don't have to worry about stage power and scratchy cables, giving me some grief during my performance. Even on a rainy stage the controller works just fine!!

The Loop 5X loop switcher, allows you to remotely control five effect loops, A/B input and A/B output, and it is a regulated 9Volt power supply all in one inclusive package.No need for extra adaptors or power cable runs making a mess.Never have to run power cables to the front of the stage.And it keeps your audio path from ever getting mixed up with power cables, so you never have to deal with the terrible "60cycle hum." All components are to ROHS standard. Please view our manual for Loop 5X specifications.

Marc A Leroux rated this unit 4 on 2011-08-14.

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