Daion Power Mark XX Bass Reviews 5

I stumbled across a power mark XX bass about four years ago in a Fort Worth pawn shop. I played it about five minuets and bought it on the spot for 200.00 with a generic hard case (hard shell cases are about 75 to 100 dollars). I had never heard of Daion before but I could tell it was top quality. It is with out a doubt the one of best basses Iíve ever played. I also play a Fender fretless jazz. All my musician friends and associates have been impressed it as well. Although I always have to explain what a Daion is. I would buy these for 200.00 a piece all day long.

The neck is a single continues piece. It has brass hardware and frets witch allows this Bass to hold a note forever. It is very playable, well balanced and has a unique shape and design. The multiple woods used in its construction give it a very elegant and pleasing look.

I don't have any complaints about this bass.

The neck is a single continues piece from top to bottom made of multiple pieces of wood as are the wings. It has a brass nut, bridge and 24 brass frets on a long neck. The wings are a red stain witch allows the wood grain to show though. The neck is a natural blond wood with a mahogany strip down the middle and wings glued to the side. The fret board is ebony. No corners were cut making this Bass.

Although I paid only 200.00 for the Bass and case, interments of similar quality often sell for over 1000.00. The company is out of business so only available used. The one I have is the only one I have ever seen in person so I believe they are rare. Keep your eyes peeled and if you can get a hold of one of these do it. It will never lose value. You may get lucky like I did. I have been playing for over 25 years and hadnít heard of Daion so chances are nether has you pawn broker.

Bass Man Chuck rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-22.

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