Daion Power Mark XX-B Reviews 5

I found this bass at a guitar show/sale outside Buffalo NY in 1990. As soon as I played the thing I was hooked and had to have it!I rushed home and grabbed the bass I had, a 1970 Fender, to see if the salesman would trade the Daion for it. He had a pirce of $750 on it and gave me an even trade! The Fender was probibly worth about $500 in the condition it was in, so I think I made out pretty good.

The craftmanship is the best I have ever seen. With fresh strings ( D'Angellico ) the thing sounds aabsolutly great! It has the neck noise of the Fender but a little cleaner. It has a thinner neck so it is much easier to play than the baseball bat sized one on a fender. The finish reminds me of a 1980's Aria Pro II , redwood stain with natural stipes up through the neck.

The pickup selector switch is in a bad spot for my playing style, up towards the top fin of the body. It gets knocked out of position on occasion. Other than that no complaints!

The best quality,with preimium materials and craftmanship.

I will never sell this bass!

Bill K rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-12.

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