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I was in a travelling rock band , I think it was in 1981 or 1982. The band was in Jackson, Miss. I went into a Music store to buy strings, and saw a Goddess. There, on the the rack, was the bass I wanted to spend the rest of my career with, a blonde Daion power mark XX-b bass guitar. The list price was over $1000.00, so after having tried it out, I replaced it. Much to my surprise, that evening, the artist I was working with handed me that very same bass! (of course, I had to pay him back!) That Daion bass has served me wonderfully through the years, and I actually traded a fretless bass for ANOTHER daion , same model, reverse finish. I'll never part with them, although my wife of 10 years is very jealous of my "other women".

I have always been a fan of Stanley Clarke, and this bass just seemed to be as classy as his basses. It still makes people ask about it, it just looks so good. I have used it on several recordings, without a complaint.

After playing this bass for about 25 years, the blood, sweat, and whatever else gets into the works have mucked it up. I am planning to replace the pick-ups, but I have no clue what to replace them with. Any suggestions?

The through-the-body neck design is so cool! The body is beveled to fit your ribcage. The electronics are easily accessed through a removable panel. The bass is very light. What can I say, I wore the thing out!

As I said above, I traded a fretless bass for another Daion bass. I now have two of the finest basses I have could ever want to own. And, apparently, they have held their value quite well!

John W. Lmab rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-26.

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