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I was born in june of '66 and have always had a love for music.That was the time when genres were changing;I bought my first bass in January of '02 but didn't start until December.I've played with various musicians; spanning Gospel,Fungk,R&B,Jazz,tejano,country,rock and alternative and am currently in a working band.So, I'd say a lot has been accomplished in 4 years.

In January of this year my family and I went to a pawn shop to purchase a computer and THERE IT WAS! A dark green Mark XX-B. I plugged it up and immediately got funky wit'it! At first glance I thought it was an Alembic(my inspiration to playing the bass,Mark Adams of SLAVE,started out on one).The price was $299.00 I was skeptical at first,not knowing about Daion, but all that soon changed!

The look and sound of this bass says"ALEMBIC". I have a certain "sound" that I want my bass to produce and the XX-B delivers it,point blank.The dark green coupled with the other wood tones make it that much more eye-catching.The Playability of this instrument is superb;no difficulty getting to different notes,toggles well-placed so if there's less transition time for accents and dynamics: A GREAT BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's not to like?

THe weight of this baby says quality.It has seamless construction and is well aligned.I don't know if the EMG's were standard on the bass but they CRANK!I do know that this is an old bass but the play and tuning says otherwise;medium to fast action,longgg neck,immaculate fretboard,string thru body.... this is truly a well put together piece of art.

It's a shame that company went out of business! With product such as the XX-B's quality and craftsmanship,it's a loss.If anyone out there could give me any info on collectors and/or appraisals please let me know!

Mark rated this unit 5 on 2006-02-21.

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