Danelectro Dan-o-Wah Reviews 4

I bought it at a local music shop used for $40 bones. Mint Condish (nod to School of Rock).

It's got a lot of effects on it and it's inexpensive.

It's got a lot of stuff on it. Too much, is my point.

Brand-New Condition. Generally plastiky, but seems like heavy duty plastic. It's not super light or anything, 'seems pretty well made. Not the Morley Sherman tank thing, but..pretty solid for a cheapie.

Jack of all trades, master of none kind of thing. The wah actually works pretty well. I mean, on one hand it has a bunch of effects, which is cool, but on the other hand, it really is a bit much to mess with. Great "mess around" with pedal. One thing I was suprised with is; it appears that it has an actual paa-through circuit, or at least when it's off, it didn't appear to mud up the signal. I play a 1970 LP Custom with a Dimarzio X2N Bridge Pickup though a marshall Valvestate 8040 combo amp, so it' runnin through good stuff. The bottom, bottom line: It's a ball to play with and could be used in a gig setting considering the apparent pass-through and decent wah. If you can get one for less than $50, grab it up. Looks ridiculous, but in a fun way.

Rudy from Fat Albert\'s Band rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-23.

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