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Montreal Canada $49.95 CND I bought this pedal because, i was on a low budget and my friends reccomended it. I acquired this unit at a local music store called, Music Circle

I love this pedal so much because it gives you a very Metallica-Nirvana type distortion at a VERY affordable price. Its Great for Battle of The Band shows or gigs. And It Give a great scratchy sound when you do a dead note, it's that sensitive! And it Won't turn on unless you put a input cable into the output jack so it won't accidently turn on and drain batter.

Very little, It eats up battery quite fast.

Overall the construction of this unit is quite good except its quite small and hard to press if you have big feet. But great if your keep the distortion on. The quality is good for its price.

4/5 It's the best low budget distortion pedal and great for beginners. A Must Have for any guitarist.

Sam Donovan (a 14 year old Guitarist0 rated this unit 4 on 2005-01-13.

I bought it on music shop. I purchased it for $60.

The sound is very great. It's very heavy, if you like to play Hard Rock, Metal or Punk, it's very great. I love the design of Black Coffee. The distortion is very power.

The gain control is not very good, but it's no a big problem. And if you want to play Pop music it's not very good.

Have one gain/volume control, one bass control and one treble control. I have this since 2001 and I never had problem with this.

This is very good Distortion, and I love this. The Black Coffe have Great and Power sound. It's really good.

Roben rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-07.

I bought this pedal from the local music store for 40 bucks!

This little monster is great! Perfect tones for metal sounds. You can actually change the amount of distortion by just adjusting the eq. When i want a killer distortion for some metal songs i adjust the treble knob all the way up and the bass at 3 o'clock. Sounds great! Iti one of the best distortion pedal (better than Boss Mega distortion, that i've used before). If u want a small pedal that produce one hell of a sound...get this one!

I dont really like the contruction though. It is basically plastic....but its ok right? Its all about the sounds.....

The pedal is made from plastic, with a piece of metal on the back side.

Well, i've used this pedal for almost two years and have to admit that it is great. The quality of the sound is great. After jamming with it for two years, this little monster still work well and the tone still perfect as it is.... If u love to have a metal sound for your band or want to record something.....this pedal is for u....

rEX rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-06.

Its very compact great sound. When I bought it on holiday I only had this karoke thing which sounds rubbish and it made it sound good so it will basiclly sound good on anything. You can get a iron maiden trebley distortian sound to a total bassey sound loads of great tones.

Nothing to control the feedback. But that doesent matter. It does make up the live experience afterall

The unit is very sturdy plastic. But the knobs are not fitted in that good and fall off easily. Uses up batteries fast. apart from that its brillant.

Its a really good metal pedal I'm sure people that I jam with will love it.

Angus rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-18.

The treble and bass function on the effect can take u from classic distortion for example jimi hendrix, through to sounds which you hear on Muse tracks. The level control will make you able to balnce the levels of your effects which is always a good feature.

I have played around with the product for quite a while now and I have only found one problem. The control knobs on the unit are extremely small and easily fall off if you have clumsy feet, but this problem can be solved if you purcase a foot guard with it. I have seen this unit with foot guards with it.

The design is like any other ordinary dan electro product. Great funky shape, and a hard case make it great for jumping on. The sound that comes for the little thing is amazing and has great tone with it.

A great small little BUT powerful pedal to help with distortion. The best distortion pedal I have seen for quite a while and very realiable to say the least. Interesting design and light weight for people who don't like carrying things too heavy.

Luke Reid rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-26.

At guitartrader.com for around 33 bucks

Cheap cheap cheap. First effect pedal ever and made my amp with no name brand on it that i got in the 3rd grade sound not so bad

It's plastic, so we all know how that goes. Just don't let any obese people around your pedal and everything will be just fine

Standard Dan electro

Alex rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-18.

After deciding to get a guitar pedal, I went to the local music store to check out what they had. After trying out several pedals, I decided to go with the black coffee metal distortion pedal. It cost me $50 and was definately worth it, but I heard the price can be as low as $40.

This pedal has an awesome distortion feature. My amp does have distortion, but it does not combine distortion with a nice tone very well. This pedal helped to solve this problem with a bass and trebble setting. With my other settings on my amp in combination with the pedal I can produce some awesome, professional sounds. I am still experimenting with some of the sounds. Also, the small size of the pedal is great for portability or if your're cramped for space.

I have heard that the pedal picks up radio signals on a low volume. I can't seem to verify this claim. It is true, however, that this pedal eats up batteries. I recommend buying an adapter for it.

The pedal comes with a nice sturdy casing, so it can take some punishment. It is overall reliable, I have not had any type of electrical problems with it. The design is nice and sleek and I love the black color.

Go out now and buy it! The distortion effects in paticular are awesome and easily rival more advanced and expensive ones. I higly recommend this for anyone who plays in a band or just for fun, like I do. It is definately a great value for your money!

brav229er rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-31.

I had always used amp distortion, but to hook to my friends PA I needed a distortion pedal. With a very limited cash flow (you can't get job at 14)I decided on the Dan Electro Black Coffee Metal Distortion Pedal after trying it out at a local music store. It was cheap,I think 40 bucks without a power source (+20 for a power source)

I like this unit cause its good and its cheap. It has better distortion than most multi effect pedals I have tried. Licks are audible and the sound never gets muddy.The palm mutes ar crunchy and I think they sound great.The actual pedal has three knobs for treble, bass, and level, but no gain. This pedal is perfect for what I play in my opinion (Godsmack and Metallica).

It picks up radio signals when you guitar volume is down and the pedal is on, but you can just turn it off. And it eats batteries pretty fast, and I never tried the power source adapter thingy. The sound gets kinda buzzy using single coil pickups. And the thing sounds like a really bad fuzz box when the batteries are low so always keep fresh one around. Also if your looking for thud (like Slipknot or Mudvayne) it lets you down. And people laugh at me cause it looks shrimpy and cheap compared to my friends Me30. But it matchess its distortion no problem.

It Plastic so don't jump on it. It hasn't broken and there are no defects on it. It's kinda small , but thats good for portability. Bottom is rubber and metal so it is sturdy and it won't slip around. its black with a surprisingly tough plastic shell. I have dropped it and it still fine.

Bottom line buy this Pedal for affordable metal distortion with crunchiness. Buy this if you can't afford the metal zone. This thing is awesome or its price. Infact I recently got a Digitech rp300 and I'm gonna return it because the distortion isn't as good as the Black Coffee.

Joe rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-06.

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