Danelectro Chicken Salad Vibrato Reviews 4

Paid $20 at Guitar Center, on sale. This was one of their monthly specials, those nice folks always have a couple of pedal in the $20-30 range each month.

It does provide a good deep vibarato, fairly rich sound at any price. Even better for only $20.

It seems that everyone has the same problem with this unit. Put in the battery, plug in it sounds great. Five minutes later, it's sucking the life out of your tone. Please don't do like I did and take it apart. Just get another battery, or better yet an adapter. THIS UNIT WILL EAT BATTERIES LIKE A SUMO AT A SUSHI BAR.

Solid enough, should hold up well for most people. Freaky testosterne monsters may break it, hey its only plastic.

Love the tone, love the price hate the battery appitite. But at this price I guess the cost of a 9v adapter can be tolerated, its just kind of a pain. I'm giving it a 3 as is, with the adapter it would easily be a 4.

Fireman Paul rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-01.

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