Danelectro Corned Beef Reverb Pedal Reviews 4

I got it at a local store for about 30 bucks.

The reverb pedal is really value smart. It gets the job done and is pretty cheap compared to the other pedals. There is a reverb nobe "mix" and a kind of tone down nobe " HI-cut" which makes sure there isn't that much echo after the attack.

THe fact that there is echo is a problem. I wanted a reverb pedal not a echo. It seems like the manufactures knew this because the hi-cut nobe can pretty much stop the hole echo and just give a pretty cool authentic reverb sound.

Its plastic covered metal. It seems pretty strong but it eats up batteries like a french whore.

Get it or not. Its worth it compared to the 99 doller HOLY GRAIL and does a pretty nice job.

The Cheat rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-09.

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