Danelectro DD-1 Fabtone Reviews 4

One night when all was dark except for the glow from the computer monitor a young man was reading through a local band's message board. He sifted through the countless threads about shows and found someone wishing to sell some gear, in this post he found that this person was selling a Fabtone for $25 so on a random impulse he replied. The next day a reply from the seller saying he still had it, the 2 people arranged to meet at the band's next show, they did and the pedal was his.

Just about everything about this pedal except for a few things about it's construction which will be covered later. The pedal has a great range of gain all the way down it almost gets down to the gain levels of some overdrive pedals and all the way up it seems to have more gain than a DOD Death Metal or a Boss Metal Zone.

Can be a bit too trebly at times.

It's a fairly well built unit and HEAVY, if you threw this at someone you could do some serious damage. My only problem is I have never been a big fan of plastic jacks or pots.

This is a great pedal for people who like to rock out, and can also work for Smashing Pumpkins fans (though something like a Big Muff would work better). Definately worth buying.

Jim7 rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-07.

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