Danelectro DJ-12 Chilidog Reviews 5

Bought on ebay for ~$21 with shipping.

Unlike units I used when I was a teenage rocker, this unit seems to track my playing fabulously (versus maybe a note an octave down... maybe not...)! Really cool effect that I would only use as another tool in my "sound box," rather than lean on. But when you bring it out in the right tune, it sails!!! I love the way it adds accompaniment to my solo playing. It will never sound like another player, but another player will never mirror your playing this way! If you hot lick it, it rules!

I have no negatives as of yet, especially since I got it at a reasonable price! I suppose if you have really big feet it could be a pain to click on and off since the mini effects are not that big...

I have no problem with the construction and quality of the unit.

If you can get one for $25-$35, and you like the sound of someone playing with you, really tight, then get it! It does NOT sound like a bass (synth bass at best), but it does sound really cool! Please keep in mind that I am a "chicken picker" (funky lead style). Overall: It is a tool that will remain in my "sound box" for a long long time.

Mr Scott rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-20.

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