Danelectro DJ12 Chili Dog Reviews 5

I bought this pedal from Musicians friend for $29.99. I wanted to experiment with some different effects without spending too much.

The sound you get from this unit is really wild. A deep gutsy sort of moan that almost reminds you of the scary music from the old movies. It can be dropped 1 or 2 octaves and adjusted so that all kinds of variations can be made.

The only thing I have against the pedal is that it is made out of plastic. Not a problem for me, but I could see it being a big one for people who use them onstage.

Put together nicely, and performs very well. Even though it is a plastic casing, it is thick, and seems to be tuff enough for normal use.

So far I have enjoyed all my Danelectro pedals and wouldnt hesitate to buy more. I think you will enjoy this unit if you decide to get it, if nothing else, just to experiment with all the different variations, but I do suggest a quality amp as the pedal really drops down deep, and might really shred a cheapy at high levels.

Basement boy rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-13.

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