Danelectro Daddy-O Overdrive Reviews 4

Ebay, $43

This pedal is incredibly versitile. You can get all kinds of sounds out of it thatnks to the seperate volume, bass, mid, treble, drive knobs. You can have a classic aerosmith crunch going one minute then twist a few knobs and be in Wheezer heaven. Plus it looks VERY cool.

The knobs are small and close together.

This thing is made of heavy metal, like a piece of a Cadillac or something. I bought it used and you can hardly tell.

This was the best $45 I have spent for tone. I just love how I can completely change my tone with the twist of just a few knobs. It does the work of several stomp boxes.

Kelly C rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-02.

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