Danelectro FX69 Grunge Distortion Pedal Reviews 5

I bought for 7bucks and 54cents from my dumbass mate who stole it but I think it was for like 50 bucks or somthin close to it.

I read that it drains batteries like hell in other reviews but I had one 9volt heavy duty thing in it for a month or longer and I've been playing it every day at school and it still worked.But if you want, you can purchase an adaptor.It works-that's all I can say about it.I also read that the pedal is hard to press,but the pedal I have at home can be pressed very easily. THE SOUND:That's what counts and I can tell you that it is exactly what I needed.It sounds good for grunge music, which it is made for.For other styles it is barely useless.You consider what you need-if you play Nirvana stuff this the best choice for a price.It has four knobs-loud,butt,face and grunge.That basically stands for Volume,Bass,Treble(or nearly mid) and gain(at extreme settings it sounds like vintage fuzz)


Total underground image,indestructible.All I can say.

It is a kick-ass-pedal-for-like-the-best-price-ever but in my opinion it is only useful for grunge and maybe some alternative shit(no judgement of alternative shit)

Klayy, of course rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-11.

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