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Used on Harmony Central Classifieds for $300. I couldn't afford what I wanted which was a pedal board full of analog effects, so I needed a good quality multi-fx processor for $500 or less.

This thing is very intuitive and easy to use. However, I'm giving it a 7 simply because the manual really sucks. Even after reading all the complaints about the manual, I can't believe that TC hasn't done anything about this. They could give one employee one full day to update the damn thing and put it on line. Hell, I'd do it myself for a modest fee. Editing patches is very easy. Some people complain that there are "too many editing options" which I think is ridiculous. Come on people, do you want TC to decide how you want your patches to sound? No. They put those options in there so you can come up with your own patches. Yes, there are a lot of adjustable parameters for reverb for instance. If you don't know what these mean, learn them!!! You have to put some time into it. I personally like the editing inner & outer wheels. They're done well. I haven't had a problem with mine yet, but I can see how they might be delicate. I take very good care of all my equipment. For each effect you simply double click the button corresponding to that particular effect, and then you turn the "outer" right side wheel to go through each sub category/parameter of the effect, and use the inner wheel to edit the actual subcategory/parameter. Very simple. I upgraded to the 1.27 software and it couldn't have been easier. I'd say that after one full hour of intense use, anyone can have this thing down pretty well. My amp is the Mesa Boogie Nomad 45. It has a parallel effects loop which caused me some problems in the beginning. what I had to do to fix the problem was turn the FX mix on my amp up to 100% (the mesa manual says that you should put the fx processor at "all wet" and keep your FX mix on the amp as close to 10% as possible so that you have 90% pure tone and 10% effects in order to avoid coloring your tone too much-don't do this with the G Major, it doesn't work) Even with the effects mix at 100%, this thing does not color my tone too much at all. Any effects will color your tone somewhat, and I'm very picky about my tone, but this thing is very transparent. When I was originally trying it out wit my effects mix at 10%, I put the "kill dry" on on the G Major, but it was drastically reducing the volume of my amp even with the G Major's input and output knobs cranked. The only way to fix it was to turn the "kill dry" off, set it to consumer, and turn the FX mix on my amp to 100%, essentially turning it into a serial loop. DO NOT USE THE G MAJOR WITH A PARALLEL LOOP. This thing definitely sounds very professional. Come on, they're the exact same effects that Robert Fripp uses!!! I'd much rather have a full set of analog pedals, and use the Gmajor for a backup, but I can't afford that. These are the best digital effects I've heard. The delay sounds smooth and natural. The reverb sounds great, I had to spend some time with it to get it to sound like a true spring reverb, but it sounds very good now. The chorus is pretty good, not fantastic but it'll do the trick for sure. I mostly use it very subtley to touch up my sound. I don't use flanger ever, I don't like this one, but I don't really like flanger. Some people have complained about the phaser, but I think it's superb. It really sounds good. The autowah sounds great. The problem with some people is that they don't spend enough time tweaking it. I use the Analogman bicomprossor in my rig for compression which just can't be beat. Therefore, I don't use the compression on the G major. The noise gate is excellent. I'm giving it an 8 because I'm one of those who feels very strongly that high end analog effects are generally superior to digital.

OK, I've got a story. Like I was saying earlier, I was having problems with it in my loop, the volume of the amp, etc. I used TC's interactive website and none of the questions addressed my problem, so I emailed them. i told them EXACTLY what kind of amp I was using, that I had a parallel effects loop, and I explained the problems I was having. It took them THREE DAYS to respond, and get this, their response was: "We need more information, please tell us what kind of amp you're using and whether you have a serial or parallel effects loop." I was PISSED when I read that, considering that my email, sitting right underneath their reply, told them this information precisely already. So, for the web support I give them a BIG FAT "1". Yes, you guys are incompetent and you SUCK!!! After that, I called them. They don't have a 1-800 number. This loses them some more points big time.

Said it all above

Said it all above

Roy rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-25.

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