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I have been playing for almost 14 years. Hard rock mostly, with a touch of the lighter side occasionally. I have tried a lot of different effects rigs and setups, from a bunch of analog pedals in a serial loop to the Line6 PODxt Live and Pro, Tonelab SE & LE, Boss GT6 & GT8 and even some earlier Johnson amplification gear. I have been in countless projects and bands. I like to think of myself as a seasoned musician.

I bought this unit from Spectrum Audio in California. Like I said, I have tried all kinds of different effects rigs. I paid a total of $360.00 with a rebate.

First, I would like to take my hat off to TC Electronic for using common sense in building an effects processor that you can run through the effects loop of a Mesa and not color the sound, destroying the tone that I paid all that money for. I play through a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster head w/ 2X12 and 4X12 cabinets. I bought this rig for the tone I get playing hard rock. The TC G-Major through my effects loop (send and return loop system in, and guitar plugged into the amps front) not only adds just the right amount of effect, but does it better than any effects rig I have ever owned. If you're recording direct and don't mind giving up "true tube tone" then buy a Line 6 and try to fake it. My ear can tell the difference and so can anyone else still reading this, cause face it, anyone who fits the above description, already said fuck you buddy and went to the next review hoping for the exact opposite. Now that I have your attention.. There are a couple reviews on this site for the G-Major. One person stated that the unit was cool but too hard to understand. He was giving it a low rating for a poor manual and unease of use. If you can't figure the unit out, than this isn't for you. It is complicated if you don't know what you are doing. But...I figured it out in a half an hour. BOTTOM LINE.. The effects on this are top notch, and deserve a 5 for 5 rating. I would give it a six if I could. Sick of buying the same old preamp crap? Want a unit designed to add effects while maintaining that killer sound that you paid $3000.00+ for? Get one.

I had to buy a MIDI footswitch capable of controoling her. These can be expensive. Well worth it If you ask me. So, not really a negative thing, ya know.

It's no Mesa, but in a good rack or ATA case she'll do just fine.

A+++++++ The search is over. I wish I would have known about this unit 6 or 7 years ago. I would have a lot more money in my pocket, and I wouldn't feel so guilty about using crap all these years. Sorry Line6, but you guys couldn't pay me to use that shit anymore.

unidigitize rated this unit 5 on 2007-07-14.

Got it at Music123.com for $425.00

I really like everything about the unit. It was a hard choice to decide between a G-Force and the G-Major but i decided on the G-Major mainly because of price. The Sounds on the G-Major are top quality, Professional sounds. Very easy to use interface makes it super simple to create sounds. I use a DMC Gorund Control Midi Controller with this, it's an amazing combo.

Nothing at all. Every aspect of the unit was designed very well. Sounds are great, and Interfaced is very good.

Very good quality unit. Super strong light-weight.

Bottom line, This is an amazing effects unit. Once you buy a G-Major you would never have to worry about effects again. This along with an amp and distortion of your choice and it would be an awesome guitar rig.

Toolband rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-23.

I paid about 600 euros on internet. i need a multi-effect because switching presets with a pedalboard is so great ...

I can say that the quality of the effects is really what makes this unit outstanding. I've never heard better !!!! Especially Reverbs, Chorus, and Delays ...The programming is REALLY simple, intuitive, you can modify everything of each effect block: Noise gate, Compressor block, Chorus/flanger block, Filter/mod block, pitch block, Reverb block, delay block. but note that in EACH block you'll find many effects for exemple in reverb: reverb, dual reverb (yes two reverbs) and another i dont remember. there is a phaser, an octaver, an auto-wha, a resonance filter, a tremolo, a panner, and much much more... the screen is really nice, you can edit the name of each preset, and you can just select the effects blocks you want by simply clicking on the button ! so simple and so good. the unit is 24 bit, 48khz, wich is really good, has digital I/O, is stereo (sure... that's the interest of rack gear) But if i would have to keep one thing, it would be the great quality of effects !

The overall effects are good but some are really shit i must say, like auto resonnance, but hey thats a shit effect, buy a pedal if you want. i think thats all.

top quality, with a great LCD screen, four knobs, plus 2 for in and out volume, and a button for each block effect.

I think that the quality of the majorit of the effects compared to the price makes this unit really a MUST-HAVE. you won't regret it.

rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-04.

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