Danelectro Grilled Cheese Distortion Pedal Reviews 1

I bought the pedal for about $25 from a local music store, I needed a cheap distortion at that time so i got the pedal.

It has an ok sound, its affordible thats about it.

The sound is just ok, not enough tone control, its yellow, its named after food.

The pedal is made of plastic, and for a pedal you stomp on its crap. I've broken the pedal 3 times and repaired it all there times and I broke it again a couple weeks ago and had to stick a fork in it. THE CONSTRUCTION IS HORRIBLE, AND CHEAP. This pedal is for people who only play occaisionally, but for any serious player YOU WILL BREAK THIS PEDAL AFTER MAYBE 2 TO 3 WEEKS ITS THAT EASY.

This pedal is ok for any people who doesn't play often, but for a serious guitarist save your money for a BOSS DS-1 or something because the small danelectros will not cut it.

Kevin Kelly rated this unit 1 on 2002-07-08.

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